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Action is Now!

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  • Get Involved in a Partnership that Really Works

Kristian Missionaries of Afrika, AKA “Afrika4Jesus”,  is a movement of christians fully committed to executing God’s End-Time Gospel Project on earth i.e. Preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all nations of the earth but with particular emphasis on Unreached People Groups of Africa.
We seek to form a viable partnership with the Church – the Body of Christ – in reaching Africa for Christ.
We seek to tap from her (Church) wealth of human resources, hidden men and women who are willing to Step out of their COMFORT ZONES and step over to where the real action is: THE COMBAT ZONE OF WORLD MISSIONS, as missionaries into Unreached parts of Africa where millions of souls are agonizing in heathen darkness.
We seek to mobilize the Church to invest her stupendous financial resources in in training, equipping, sending and supporting her willing and ready laborers into the mission fields with a view to raising the banner of Christ and that of their denominations in those parts of Africa where the Gospel of Christ has never been preached before.WE ARE THE CHURCH MISSIONARY SERVANTS.OUR VISION: The frontiers of the Church of Christ extended beyond the borders of every Unreached People Group of Africa.

OUR MISSION: Train, Equip, Send And Support (TESAS) willing volunteers as front-line missionaries in partnership with the Church of Christ, our major Willing Missions Partner (WMP).

    * Missions Training and Awareness.
    * Missionaries’ Children Education Project. (MICEP)
    * Mission field projects support.
    * Rural Church projects support.

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